Satec Renewables in brief

SATEC Renewables is the renewable energy line of business of the SATEC Group, an independent multinational engineering group headquartered in Madrid, Spain.

SATEC Renewables focuses primarily on utility-scale, grid-connected solar power plants. We are organized into two divisions with complementary skill sets, namely:

Our Advisory Services division (ASD) for consulting services.

Our Engineering Services division (ESD) for EPC contracting, servicing and maintenance.

SATEC Renewables operates as a truly-global player that delivers knowledge, expertise and solutions across the renewable energy value chain. In every opportunity, we strive to become a trusted partner of renewable energy developers throughout the life time of their projects.

SATEC Renewables is committed to providing renewable energy developers with the most innovative solutions at all stages, from concept to power plant management. Our service portfolio offers renewable energy advisory, EPC execution experience and smart plant operations & maintenance services.

Mission & Mindset

The mission of SATEC Renewables is to help renewable energy developers catch the full range of opportunities that arise in the ever-changing renewable sector environment.

Every action we take to satisfy the needs of renewable energy developers reflect our values and the mindset of our renewable energy team:

Prone to think globally, oriented to local action and highly adaptable.